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Shooting star (Dodecatheon pauciflorum).
Botanical Sex: 9 Alluring Adaptations

Yes, many plants use the birds and the bees to move pollen from one flower to another, but sometimes this “simple act” is not so simple.

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Flower. Fruit tree. Cherry. Cherry tree. Cherry blossom. Spring. Close-up of cherry blossoms in bloom.
The Perils of an Early Spring

What happens to plants and animals when spring comes too soon?


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Sergeant Stubby at your service
Sergeant Stubby
Sergeant Stubby was a stray dog whose heroic service during World War I (1914–18) saved lives and even led to the capture of a German spy. He was the unofficial mascot for the 102nd Infantry, 26th “Yankee” Division, and is the first dog to be promoted to the rank of sergeant in the U.S. Army. When
Macro image of pollen-covered bee on purple crocus. (flowers, stamen, pollination, insects, nature)
5 Fast Facts About Flower Anatomy
Those sexy, sexy, flower parts.
Three types of eels. Fish / Anguilliformes / American eel (Anguilla rostrata), European eel (Anguilla anguilla), conger eel (Conger oceanicus)
Eels are some of nature’s weirdest creatures. Here are 5 reasons why they’re so cool
Australian and European eels are amazing creatures that have become critically endangered and scientists have found a way to track their incredible migration journeys in order to help protect them.
Beet. Beta vulgaris. Sugar beet. Two rows of harvested beets.
18 Questions About Farming Answered
Find out what really happens down on the farm.
Hungry Pelican waiting to be fed, beak open, Australia
Why Don’t Birds Have Teeth?
Using a toothless beak to break food into smaller pieces has its advantages.
bird. pigeon. carrier pigeon or messenger pigeon, dove
Fightin’ Fauna: 6 Animals of War
Some battles were won with unexpected weapons.
monarch butterfly on Buddleja
monarch butterfly
Monarch butterfly, (Danaus plexippus), familiar member of the milkweed butterfly group (subfamily Danainae, order Lepidoptera) known for its large size, its orange and black wings, and its long annual migrations. Monarchs are concentrated in North, Central, and South America but can also be found

Spotlight: Brown Bears

These shaggy-haired bears, native to Europe, Asia, and North America, include species such as the Grizzly and the Kodiak bear, which weighs up to 720kg (1,600 pounds) and is often considered the world's largest carnivore. 


Lion (panthera leo)
Deadliest Animals Quiz
Do you know which species of shark is most likely to attack a human? Or what animal has the strongest bite?
Sunflowers growing in a field
Name That Flower!
Can you tell the difference between a lilac and a hyacinth?
Red and yellow cherry tomatoes, some forming a question mark, against a light blue background. (organic, fruits, vegetables)
Fruit or Vegetable? A Quiz
How to be a smarty-pants in the produce aisle.
The cheetah is the fastest land animal over short distances. It has become an endangered species in Africa, and is almost extinct in Asia. Cheetah mother with young. Cheetah cubs
Moms of the Animal Kingdom Quiz
The mother of all animal quizzes.


How do cicadas know when to go aboveground?
How do cicadas know when to go aboveground?
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